Pokémon Diamond, Pearl & Platinum — A Heart-filled Nostalgia Trip

Conaire Meenan Feb 28 · 4 min read

Pokémon, also known as Pocket Monsters in Japan, has been a long running series of Movies, TV, Manga and Games since 1996, being introduced to the rest of the world with the introduction of Pokémon Red & Blue outside of Japan in 1998. This has left it impacting tonnes of peoples lives growing up since, becoming a staple of many childhoods. As a child born in 2000, that ended up being the 4th generation of games for me and friends I grew up with.

My Attempt At a Turtwig Drawing

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl released in 28 September 2006, with Diamond being what i woke up to in Christmas of 2006 along with the Original Black DS lite, a copy of New Super Mario Bros DS and Scooby Doo Unmasked. Being 6 at the time I remembered struggling to get past the opening with tapping the centre of the Pokéball for a long while but as soon as I did, setting out on that adventure was magical! With the long starter debates throughout the years and generations of Pokémon, being a 6 year old, I wasn’t aware of any of this and just chose who I liked the look of the most, which ended up being the little grass turtle Turtwig which has stuck with me as my favourite starter and even Pokémon since.

Most of my memories of these games comes from the countless times battling and trading with friends as well as hearing stories on from and other tricks and secrets on the playground or in class. The DS being as huge as it was got a lot of parents buying it for their kids along with Pokémon, so at the end of the year, me and the others in my class at the time were allowed to bring in various toys, movies & food for the final day before the Christmas break, which ended up with a majority of us bringing in a Nintendo DS along with one of the two Pokémon games at the time, Mario Kart DS and New Super Mario Bros DS. This would end up with countless Mario Kart and Mario Vs Luigi competitions plus a lot of Pokémon battles to see who would come out on top.

The Generation 4 games introduced the underground, which was a part of the game which allowed players to burrow underground and interact with friends in game by setting up secret bases, setting traps and collecting various goodies. This was just a way we could see each other in game as at the time we didn’t really understand how it worked but setting up traps and watching your friends be flung about the screen was just downright fun!

Sadly in 2009, I went on Holidays to Bulgaria and ended up never returning with my DS lite, including a few of my games due to a theft at the airport, loosing all my collected Mons and other memories. Fortunately that Christmas I was Greeted with A Nintendo DSi XL and copy of Pokémon Platinum which I still hold deer to me to this day!

Recently I’ve given the soundtracks a listen on YouTube with my new speakers, and hearing the games music played on more than the flimsy DS speakers was something magical. The games bass filled soundtrack really felt full despite having more of a slower pace and tempo. Especially Jublife City’s Night-time tracked which really hit.

This lead to me opening up my DSi XL and stating up a new save file for Pokémon Platinum 15 years since I first Played Diamond, to see if I can rediscover the magic I first felt when playing for the first time and discovering how powerful the single-player and social experiences were. I’ve been loosing a lot of interest or energy to play games, do photography, write, watch movies and more these past couple of months so I want to try and rekindle that love, starting with gaming. I haven’t felt that energy or want to stay up and play a game, watch a show or read a book past when I head to bed and I want to find that love again (Without loosing sleep!!)

Hopefully in a month or so I’ll be revisiting these games with a review and final opinion. Thanks to anyone who’s made it this far! Please leave any suggestions on how I can improve my writing in the future (^^)

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