Unit 1: 01 – Project Logbook:

We were employed by noBIGego and were tasked on making a short film or Documentary. My plan for this project is to make a short documentary on Social Media and its various effects on mental health.

February 2020: Production plan. First thing I did was work on planning out the various ways I would tackle the documentary, such as the subjects involved This also included a production plan where I put into place the logbook, investigation plan, Design plan for distribution as well as performance review and the various subjects I would like to tackle. I then went into Ideas on how I might want to lay out the documentary and whether to base it off social media privacy or mental health and ended up deciding on Privacy as the topic due to the current news with Cambridge being fairly recent as well as other reports coming out about data breaches.

February 15th 2020: Shooting Schedule & Script. Early on I worked on and drafted a few scripts for the documentary as well as quick shooting schedule for next week starting Tuesday 18th to get a quick idea of how I might tackle the various shots. at this point I have no storyboard done but plan on going over the script and refining it as well as working on the storyboards.

February 18th: Script revisions and Equipment list. I finished another script revision as well as got my equipment list planned out and I’ve realized I’ll have to book some equipment out from the college to be able to record from my camera but I’m able to get most of the other stuff sorted such as the tripod. I had to push back the recording due to the revisions to the script and other work having to be done in the meantime.

February 25th: Location List. I got more of a formal location list planned out for the different placed I’d like to shoot as well as more work done on the script after feedback from my tutor to where I’m happy to work on the various storyboards now and plan out the various shots and types as well as get the timing correct.

February 31st: storyboards and Marketing plan. I’ve worked on my first storyboard set as well as did an in depth marketing test on Instagram including the research needed to find out my target audience as well as the amount of money needed to best achieve the most efficient usage as well as reach the biggest audience.

Instagram Marketing

March 3rd: Project Treatment Video Brief. At this point I managed to finally record and edit as well as upload my project brief video to YouTube, explaining in a quick manner the aims and goals of the project as well as being a test on my filming & editing skills. I think it turned out well.

Project Brief

March 7th. Video footage, Story Boards halfway & Music Video. The last week I’ve been fairly productive preparing the storyboard as well as the locations and topics I’d like to cover as well as revising the script a bit to include questions to ask students and locals about social media and get their opinions to help lengthen the Documentary but also get another point of view and side. I also worked on collecting some stock footage I recorded of some local landmarks and worked on some photography for a music video for the class.

Some captured footage

March 18th. Just back from a trip in Malinhead and I’m not sure if I’m able to film my documentary as there’s a virus going around but hopefully it shouldn’t spread too far and we can all get back to filming.

May 7th. Lockdown and Idea Changes. I’ve been in lockdown for almost 2 months now and the various ideas I had for the documentary would have to be changed due to the creative intentions not being possible without interacting with others and being locked indoors all day, so I’ll have to come up with some new ideas. The social media documentary can be put on hold plus our teacher has informed us we can do a short 2 minute tour/guide of how we spend our time during lockdown.

May 18th. Product Photography, Idea Changes and starting filming. After a while I’ve completed some photography indoors by starting with some product photography experimentation and exploring what I can do while indoors and I’m happy with the results, getting various games as well as a record. I’ve also worked on a few idea changes which I can do whilst indoors as I still want to work on a documentary. They involve: Physical Media Preservation, User Generated Content Platforms and Finally Game emulation and preservation through those means. I decide on a documentary on Physical media as it’s easy to tackle indoors. I collect some footage on it to help the progress and map out how I might want to shoot it.

Video Capture Test Pan & Tilt

May 20th. Topic Switch. I decided to switch to the emulation preservation as I’ve had a huge interest in it during lockdown and wanted to try and tackle that instead as a topic and already have a lot of knowledge on it.

Raspberry Pi – Linux Based PC

May 24th. Storyboards WIP & Script Complete. I finally completed the script and got working on the storyboards, finally starting progress on properly filming as well as voice recording.

May 27th. Project complete and 18GB of video being uploaded to YouTube. I decided to record my video documentary at 4K and edit and render at the maximum quality as YouTubes compression really affects bitrate and higher resolutions are less effected so in the meantime it’s on it’s way to YouTube finally.

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