Unit 7: 04 – Marketing & Distribution Plan

Marketing Treatment:

All films, shows, toys, games, products and forms of media require marketing to reach an audience. It’s one of the most important things a business can do. Not only to build awareness of the product but to bring in potential customers and revenue as well as engage customers and help build a better profile on interest in the brand.

The Product:

I am working on a short documentary for NoBigEgo on Social Media and it’s various impacts on today’s generation while evaluating what can be done to improve our usage of social media and better secure our data. This requires a deep understanding of the product, the age demographic who would be most interested, the gender most interested, the platform the target audience will most likely use (Be it Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) and the most interesting way to get them hooked.

The Product being a documentary would make it a video, being easy to sit back and consume on Televisions, Mobile phones, Cinemas & Consoles. Videos are supported on most platforms and the video streaming industry is one of the largest in the world, amassing 42.6 billion USD in 2019. The audience I would like to target would need internet access to use social media so that would narrow my results down to those with internet access which means they would be able to stream media and would most likely have viewed video ads in the past. This would lower the cost compared to traditional newspaper, radio or Television marketing due to Social Media making marketing easier than it ever has been, with just 2.5 billion monthly active users on Facebook alone (https://www.statista.com/statistics/264810/number-of-monthly-active-facebook-users-worldwide/) This makes it more viable than ever with the target audience so far.

This online advertising also enables sharing, with it being easier than ever with all social media platforms having a share button, for not only people to discuss the video in person, but depending on how interesting they find the topic, sending it onto their timeline for potentially hundreds of friends or followers to see and so on, creating a conversation on the product. With our Documentary being on a very controversial but relatable topic, with mental health being linked to social media and the topic being about the platforms, this will hopefully drive discussion and conversation, helping reach a much wider audience.

Being that my audience would be online and with the topic being focused on social media, I wanted to look at the highest addiction age as those would be most likely to be affected by depression as well as the most usage on social media and the highest changes of engagement and targeted advertisements. Social media sites and companies such as Facebook and Google have become experts at scrubbing data and evaluating a persons likes, family, relations, politics, location and more to target advertisements and posts, leading to bringing their viewers into an endless loop of posts or videos which can be dangerous. My goal is to have ours stand out and bring attention to the target audience of someone who may have a slight addiction on social media and get them to take action, whether that’s through an ad or naturally appearing on these endless scrolling sprees.

Looking at Statista on users in the US who report being addicted to social media, reveals that between the average of 18-22 year olds, 40% reported feeling addicted to social media during an April 2019 survey with 5% saying they’re completely addicted (https://www.statista.com/statistics/1081292/social-media-addiction-by-age-usa/) . This still leaves 23-38 year olds being almost 37% with 15% saying they feel completely addicted. Looking again we can see that the average of users between 18-34 are the majority of users on Facebook, making them the most likely age candidate to target. (https://www.statista.com/statistics/376128/facebook-global-user-age-distribution/)

Gender is an important factor in deciding who to market to, with a lot of products being made for a specific gender over another even if they may not seem like it. A film may be inclusive to everyone but it may be more action centred and therefore targeted towards males or it may have a strong female lead instead and be targeted more towards females. This can help get a tighter interest and hone in a certain audience while spending a budget on social media. Since my Topic is partially about mental health I feel like it could equally be targeted towards both genders equally, but with a more technical look towards the data protection, while I’d like to get both genders as it affects both, I feel like a male audience may be more interested as well as a slightly older demographic.

Location is a huge factor too, especially when looking at mental health related to technology. This will leave more well off countries such as Asia with it’s high mobile phone number of 1.33 billion, The United Kingdom with just under half the population having access to a smartphone and The United States with more than 80% having access to a smartphone. I will want to target an English Speaking Audience so the main Target I would want to go for would be the US and UK

Lastly, looking at interests, I would like to target those who may be into Video consumption, whether that be make-up tutorials, film reviews, gaming, shopping etc. as these all correlate to a huge audience of social media and some of the addictive interests presented.

After research, I have come up with targeting the age ranges between 18-34 year olds who are male and living in the US and UK. Lastly looking at the different social media platforms and who would most likely be using these various platforms. I have come to the conclusion to Market the video on Instagram, with its monthly user numbers of 1 billion (https://blog.hootsuite.com/instagram-demographics/) but have it be hosted on YouTube as a link to bring users, enabling them to cast to a TV or watch on their phones in landscape in a more comfortable manner as well as take in the information presented.

The Results:

Looking at the test demographic presented, with the link leading to the YouTube video and the target audience discussed, shows a potential reach of 15,000 up to 39,000 over the period of 15 days for £75 which is a lot cheaper than advertising on TV to a potential audience who might not care or be interested with most kids or young adults living online now instead of consuming content through traditional television any more.

These results and research has helped me gain a deeper understanding of advertising and its importance as well as target audiences and how to best research and target them on the various platforms.

All films, shows, toys, games, products and forms of media require marketing to reach an audience. It’s one of the most important things a business can do. Not only to build awareness of the product but to bring in potential customers and revenue as well as engage customers and help build a better profile on interest in the brand.

Marketing Outcome

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