Unit 1: 03 – Design & Create – Media Distribution Plan (Revised for Covid19)

The Changing Models of Media Distribution and the future of streaming + Patterns

With Media such as Movies, TV shows and Music moving to a streaming first distribution platform, with many shows launching first on Netflix, Amazon Prime and other big streaming platforms first or never hitting Television, with some movies such as The Irishman, hitting Netflix first before heading to cinemas. This has made content more accessible especially during the current pandemic where all film theatres are closed and the most accessible ways to watch film being through online streaming. With Statista claiming over 180 million Netflix subscribers and that number rising due to everyone being at home, seems streaming will take over as the default. Also this year, “Trolls World Tour” launched straight to online and had massive sales, apparently racking up more for Universal in 3 weeks than the original trolls did in 5 months, due to it’s higher rental price on streaming platforms of $19.99 and it’s accessibility over having to go to a theatre and buy a ticket, with this trend seeming to bring success to Warner Brothers “Scoob” which followed the same distribution method with a worldwide release, although with some initial complications.

The Product being a documentary would also make it a video, being easy to sit back and consume on Televisions, Mobile phones, Cinemas & Consoles. Videos are supported on most platforms and the video streaming industry is one of the largest in the world, amassing 42.6 billion USD in 2019. The audience I would like to target would need internet access to use social media so that would narrow my results down to those with internet access which means they would be able to stream media and would most likely have viewed video ads in the past. This would lower the cost compared to traditional newspaper, radio or Television marketing due to Social Media making marketing easier than it ever has been, with just 2.5 billion monthly active users on Facebook alone (https://www.statista.com/statistics/264810/number-of-monthly-active-facebook-users-worldwide/) This makes it more viable than ever with the target audience so far.

Demographic of Content

This means the best option for my content would be to premiere it on a platform such as YouTube or Vimeo which offer free uploads. Nowadays these movies are heavily marketed on social media through ad targeting, so younger kids or parents may receive ads related to “Trolls World Tour” due to it being a family film and the ad platform, whether it be Google or Facebook determining whether they would be interested in the content. The same could be said for Scoob. As my piece would be a free documentary based on Gaming, I would mainly target Instagram and Snapchat as Audiences as they both have large audiences, 1 billion & 360 million respectively but mainly because they have more of a teenage/early adult audience with over 72% of teens on Instagram and 73% of U.S. teens say Instagram is the best way for brands to reach them about new products or promotions according to the Omnicore Agency. With Snapchat claiming over 78% of internet users aged 18-24 on it’s platform. This would match with the gaming audience as well as people, lining up with the demographic from 1996-2000 who would be interested and nostalgic in older games they may have played as a kid. Being that gaming is a mostly male interested demographic and more adult based medium with 65% of Adults in America playing videogames I would most likely want to target that range.

Distribution Platform & Marketing plan

My Marketing plan would be to advertise my short documentary on Instagram for a budget of $75 running for 15 days, mainly targeted to Males and those in the United states, as that’s one of the largest countries with interest in gaming in the world.

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