Killkee, County Clare Gull Photographs ♡

Shooting on the Sony Alpha 6300 so I can capture some 4k footage and document my trip with some high quality photos it really was something to behold (Video montage work in progress for another post). My favourite thing (apart from the ice cream and chocolate cake) had to be the colours of the landforms and the nature featured from the huge cliffs but especially the abstract forms the land took.

On this trip with my parents, I spotted a seagull by the edge of a rock formation upon the tallest rock by the sea, looking fairly photogenic & I KNEW I had to capture this!

1/1000 sec at F6.3, ISO 400

The Lens used for this photo was my trusty Sony E 55-210mm F/4.5-6.3 zoomed into the full 210mm to capture the gull with the aperture opened to the full 6.3 to capture as much light as possible! It was a beautiful day with plenty of light so I could use a fairly fast shutter speed to capture this at 1/1000 of a second and a nice ISO of 400 to make it plenty sharp!

Using the rule of thirds, I framed the seagull in the top left of the frame to make him the main attraction as well as giving a good amount of space to the surrounding area of the rocks and sea around

1/640sec at F8.0, ISO 400

for this photo I wanted to capture more of the surrounding area so I moved further away from the subject to try and make the gull seem smaller in contrast to the great sea and rocks around. I also shot at a lower aperture to lessen the depth of field and make it less shallow as to sharpen the rocks and show more of their angular texture as well as the textures of the great sea behind.

In post I also messed with the colours a bit more, decreasing the saturation as a well as making the photo less vibrant as to have less of a contrast in the image which I think gave it a washed out polaroid look.

1/640sec at F6.3, ISO 250

For the last photo I wanted to make it a lot more dramatic and get a lot more personal with the subject (the gull) so I worked with using the rule of thirds along with a focal length of 210mm to get as close as I could without scaring it away, to be able to frame it in the top left and have it tower over the land. I also achieved this with a greater aperture of 6.3 to create a shallow depth of field, making the gull the sharpest part of the image with the sea being drowned in blur along with the rocks slowly loosing focus the further they are from the seagull.

For the final touches, in post I waned to add to the dramatic feel so I upped the brightness while also adding more contrast and bringing up the blacks as well as the sharpness to achieve this and a vignette on the sides of the image to add to the dramatic tone.

Final Words

This was an amazing trip and I have a lot more photos to be uploaded as well as a Google drive folder filled with these images to be downloaded for wallpaper use (^^)! I’ll be uploading more images from this trip soon so don’t forget to subscribe to keep up to date thanks! 。*゚+♡

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