The Lost Voices of Brexit (Group Project)_

Early last year, a group of film and journalist students both HNC and Level 3 were brought together to work on a different types of mediums based on Brexit. some groups worked on comedy pieces, others animation, others musical with us working on factual.

Voices Of Brexit Video

For this project we wanted to look into Brexit from the point of view from youths and people who feel like their voices weren’t heard, so we titled this Project “The Lost Voices Of Brexit”. We did various amounts of research, splitting our team into two groups for filming and setting out various plans on how to be as efficient as possible.

First thing was to test the equipment and make sure everything worked and functioned properly so we had to take it into a room and do some practice filming. Thankfully we had Aodhan Roberts (Owner and CEO of Derry Footage on Facebook)

Brexit the Stolen Votes, Behind the Scenes – Aodhan Robertds

I also worked on taking photographs behind the scene and documenting everything that happened throughout each day of filming and interviewing helping collect a good amount of project documentation!

Overall this was an exciting opportunity and I worked with some amazing people including my Co. editor Eoghan Mullan who did a lot of the heavy lifting and special effects as we each edited about half of the project each. If I had the chance I’d love to work with these people again

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