Unit 34: Principles of Photography

Over quarantine I was tasked with adapting my photography to the situation of lockdown by being able to find interesting photos while being limited to my home. I took this opportunity to explore product photography, by taking photos of and capturing various videogames and videogame related products, which would especially be useful with my documentary... Continue Reading →

Unit 7: 02 – Treatment (Updated for Covid)

Emulation: The future of game preservation I love game preservation. Collecting physical media and games is one of my favourite pastimes whether it's for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, NES, Gameboy or any other console, I just downright love it. Sadly it's an expensive hobby and requires lots of maintenance, like lots. I want to... Continue Reading →

Unit 7: 03 – Production Plan

Changing models of media distribution & Streaming media and changing patterns of consumptions. 1.     Project Logbook: We are employed by noBIGego who specialises in the creative media production in Print, web and screen-based media. The company has numerous clients who wish to develop digital content distribution strategy. We’ve been tasked to create their first documentary... Continue Reading →

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